Better Robots for the World

  • ResultsWe have engaged in numerous exciting and productive collaborations with industry partners. Our partnership profiles represent a snapshot of some of our recent projects.
  • BenefitsOur partnership program allows members to explore opportunities for research collaborations, testing services, consulting relationships, student hiring and other valuable interactions.

In recent years, tremendous advancements in robotics technology have enabled a new generation of applications in fields as diverse as manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and other commercial and consumer markets segments. The Institute for Robotics & Intelligent Machines leverages the strengths and resources of Georgia Tech by reaching across traditional boundaries to embrace a multidisciplinary approach to solve grand challenges facing society today.

Our faculty and staff are engaged in cross-campus partnerships that significantly increase opportunities for the development of practical innovations that will be useful to society. This broad-based commitment to robotics research is evident in the numerous laboratories on campus that perform robotics-related research. The potential applications for robotics are wide ranging; it makes sense that our path to discovering these applications is equally wide, as well as inclusive.

Our corporate research sponsors are well positioned to take advantage of new technologies as they are developed in IRIM. Our partners not only provide vital financial support, but they also play an active role in our strategy to efficiently deliver innovative concepts from the lab to the marketplace. IRIM’s unique interdisciplinary research environment provides our industry partners with unprecedented access to some of the world’s best computer scientists, engineers, and researchers.